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Let’s try Rabbitchop loyalty card, Simple and easy to build your low-cost e-Loyalty Program!

Apart from recruiting new customers, incentivizing the old customers to patronize again is also very important. So, regardless of the scale of corporations, the CRM system is instrumental in archiving membership profiles which, in turn, educate the marketing plan targeting existing customers for repeated, and ultimately, continued patronage.

You are probably starting to consider having a custom-made CRM system that can accurately record and analyze while making adjustments based on real-time demand changes. However, as the time needed for producing such a system would typically exceed four to twelve months, on top of the costs of the consulting, licensing, and hardware and software, well exceeding one million dollars, the face of which renders such a system unaffordable for small and medium enterprises and merchants.

The merchants who cannot afford the high-cost CRM system and accurately-targeted marketing plan usually choose the conventional reward-point card incentives to retain existing customers. Despite the ready-made paper-form reward-point cards and its low-cost factor, it is environmentally unsound and easily misplaced by customers; the reward-point card can still be distributed in the electronic format on smartphones in achieving such an effective rewardmarketing scheme.

Let’s try rabbitchop e-Loyalty Program to have your own basic CRM system, loyal card, and marketing events without high expenses and long implementation. You just have to click the link:, to register and start a free trial. You will get your own QR code for customers. They don’t need to download apps for a loyalty card, just 3 steps: Scan QR code, register then earn and redeem favorite gift! Simple steps can increase customer’s willingness and get more member data.

rabbitchop has three subscription plans: Grass Plan, Carrot Plan, and Cherry Plan. You can choose the plan based on your business need, the fee is calculated in 30 or 365 days.If you want to know more please contact us:



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