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Cityline Digital Theatre 前進台灣市場 Cityline Digital Theatre enters the Taiwan market

Cityline擁有一站式電子商務資訊技術並深耕香港市場多年,2020年開始發展網上串流業務(Cityline Digital Theatre),並於2021年決定前進臺灣市場。2021年四月Cityline和臺灣表演藝術聯盟合作,在臺灣北中南共舉辦三場講座,深入探討有關網絡售票平台在科技發展、售票服務整合上的概念、願景與未來。現場臺灣藝文團體除了歡迎Cityline加入臺灣市場刺激競爭外,更對Cityline Digital Theatre業務有高度興趣,期望未來有更多相關合作,將自身的展演不侷限於臺灣市場,藉由線上方式拓展至香港、大陸甚至全球。

As a long-time one-stop ticketing service provider in Hong Kong, Cityline, powered by sophisticated e-commerce technology, launched its Online Streaming platform known as Cityline Digital Theatre in 2020 and expanded into the Taiwan market in 2021. In April 2021, partnered with Taiwan’s Performing Arts Alliance, Cityline hosted three seminars across the region, introducing ticketing technology and exploring the possibility of integrating different element in ticketing industry. At the Taipei seminar, Taiwanese performing groups welcome Cityline to join Taiwan and expect a new competition to stimulate market. In addition to marketing online Taiwanese shows to Hong Kong, China and the world, they are highly interested in Cityline Digital Theatre and look forward to cooperation.

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