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講起動漫,大家好容易必然會想到日本動畫,《鬼滅之刃》、《咒術迴戰》、《進擊的巨人》、《我的英雄學院》等、又或是歐美的《奧術》、《瑞克和莫蒂》(Rick and Morty)、《宙斯之血》(Blood of Zeus)、《惡魔城》(Castlevania)等,但其實原來香港都有本土人材製作的動畫作品。縱然香港動畫界面對不少困境,如資金、專業教育等問題,但仍有一班創作人努力不懈地堅持著。香港動畫師的作品創作風格多元、成熟,當中更有不少在國際上闖出名堂。


Whenever people talk about animation, the first impression come to our mind is Japanese animations such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan or My Hero Academia …,etc or European / American animations like Arcane: League of Legends, Rick and Morty, Blood of Zeus, Castlevania. In fact, there are abundance of Hong Kong talented animators and many of them have made themselves known to the world. The broad diversity and high-level maturity of their animation films have been facilitating vibrant development of the industry and becoming a success in international markets.

The launch of "100% Made in Hong Kong Animation Festival" showcasing a series of locally produced animated short films including hand-drawn animations and stop-motion animations that cover a wide range of subjects and production techniques, and even award-winning pieces from international film festivals that displaying the uniqueness of the animation culture of Hong Kong.

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